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Busybees is an international marketplace that allows all companies to access a simple, flexible and affordable logistics outsourcing solution

And all this, thanks to our incredible home-made algorithm : the SmartConfig.



At Busybees, we connect e-merchants:

BUSY : E-merchants and companies looking for a logistics solution to store their products and prepare their orders

And logistics providers :

  • BEES : Autoentrepreneurs and companies with available square meters and time

  • SUPERBEES : Professional logisticians who want to optimize and make profitable their storage areas


For e-merchants: a tailor-made and efficient offer

Thanks to Busybees, the Busy will find the logistics provider best suited to their needs, whatever their order volume, product category and type of packaging, but not only!

Being a BUSY means having access to:

  1. a tailor-made , transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

  2. an easy-to-use inventory and order management software (WMS) that enables instant order management.

  3. Fast contracting : 24 hours between the first contact and signing.

  4. an Insurance for goods up to € 15,000 thanks to our partner Allianz

  5. Accompanying throughout the process of the form to contracting

For logisticians: a complete IT solution

Thanks to Busybees, the Bee or the SuperBee will be able to optimize and make profitable its storage area and have access to hundreds of customers looking for a logistics solution. But not only ! (yes, we repeat: D)

To be a BEE / SUPERBEE, nothing could be simpler because:

  1. All storage areas are accepted

    • From the bedroom to the warehouse, if you have free space it will suit our Busy, who all have different storage needs.

  2. Remuneration is free

    • The logistician is free to choose the remuneration he wishes. What more could you wish for !

  3. All logistical capacities are accepted

    • Available only 10 minutes or 2 hours in a day, we want you!

  4. the clientele is national and international

    • Our Busy are also international and working with us will open the doors to the world market!


The logistics path

First step : An e- merchant or a company needs to outsource its logistics. It calls on Busybees which, thanks to its algorithm, will tailor its logistics costs.

Second step : Our algorithm will take into account a multitude of factors including the number of orders per month, the type of products (etc.) and precisely assess the needs of the e-merchant.

Third step: The algorithm will then propose to the e-merchant, among the logisticians present on our marketplace, the one that perfectly suits their needs.

Fourth step : Once the logistician has been chosen, he takes care of the storage and shipping of the packages and delivers them to the buyer.

The algorithm, at the heart of our innovation


Don't waste any more time and join the BusyBees family!

In 10 minutes , get your tailor-made pricing online!

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