ECOMMERCE: How to prepare for Black Friday 2020?

ECOMMERCE: How to prepare for Black Friday 2020?

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This year the Black friday promises to break all records. November 27, 2020 is a date to be well prepared.

Will Black Friday be impacted by the health crisis?

Black Friday has slowly evolved into a multi-day affair, driven by Amazon’s online sales lasting an average of a month.

The health crisis has amplified the purchasing and consumption behavior of the French. They now do the majority of their purchases online at the expense of physical stores. According to a recent study by Rakuten Advertising, 82% of French consumers do not intend to reduce their spending for the holiday season .

These figures are reassuring for the more than 202,000 online shopping sites in France, or 11,000 more over one year. And in order to beat the competition and increase their sales, e-merchants must succeed in standing out.

Busybees gives you its 3 tips to boost your sales!

💥 Tip # 1: Prepare your stocks


Despite the positive outlook for this Black Friday, brands don’t know how high the sales will be and it can have serious repercussions on inventory and cash flow.

While Black Friday has the potential to be huge, it’s important to make accurate forecast calculations so you don’t over-invest, just to be on the safe side. So do not run out of stock for your flagship products, so that your customers are not frustrated or dissatisfied. On the other hand, take less risk on the stocks of your other products.

âš¡ Tip # 2: Launch Targeted Communications Campaigns .

✅ Start communicating about your offers for Black Friday, 3 weeks before the event to generate expectation for your products. A consumer who waits is a future customer.

✅ Communicate on all of your social networks and communication channels to reach a diverse audience and maximize your profits.

✅ Target your audience! Use your  customer and product data to determine prospect segments that will react positively to your Black Friday offers

🔥 Tip # 3: Choose the right delivery methods


There is nothing worse for a customer than not receiving their orders. Customer satisfaction and loyalty go through appropriate delivery methods and an effective return policy . We are at your disposal if you need advice to optimize your logistics management.

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