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Clientèle nationale

Our clients are e-merchants looking to outsource their logistics.

Inscrivez vous sur notre marketplace et créez votre annonce afin d’être référencé en tant que logisticien partenaire.

Simple pricing

No need for complex price schedules, Busybees offers you a turnkey solution thanks to our algorithms. We are the ones who calculate the price of the logistics service according to customer needs and your desired remuneration.

Attractive remuneration

Freely define your hourly compensation and storage costs. You keep 100% of your margins on transport and packaging. Finally, we guarantee you the desired remuneration that you indicate.

You have access to our inventory and order management software that allows you to control and optimize your processes and increase the performance and profitability of your warehouse, directly from your smartphone.

Boost your logistics activity
and simply optimize your warehouses

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Offer your logistics services by registering on our marketplace. Pour ce faire, il faudra créer votre annonce en tant que Superbee. You will indicate the square meters available in your warehouses, the specific services that you are able to perform.

You freely define:

- your hourly compensation

- your storage costs in m² reserved per month

- you keep 100% of your margins on transport and packaging.

- We guarantee the desired remuneration that you indicate.

To access our services, Busybees invoices you:

- 10% commissions on storage and order preparation services, knowing that the prices will have been increased by our commissions and calculated taking into account your wishes for remuneration

When one of our Busy selects you on our marketplace, you directly receive a clear summary of the need for it. You can accept or decline the request. If you accept it, the service is set up in just a few days.

When an e-merchant selects you, the contractualization is done online and is completely secure. Busybees provides an intermediation contract between you and the busy (contract link). You are free to contract for the resale part of transport and supplies.

Swikly financial security :

Thanks to our partner Swikly, you are secure on all the services you provide as well as the transport and supply services you resell.

Easily connect your warehouse management IT system to our WMS and maintain consistency in your logistics process.

With our WMS you can:

♦ Manage logistics activities

Manage the addressing of your stock

Carry out your inventories

Connect the WMS to your business tools.

Use the tool for your existing customers

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