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All the bees we work with are ...


All the bees we work with are ...


All the bees we work with are ...


All the bees we work with are ...

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Service quality
The originality of the BUSYBEES concept won me over in 2017. Convinced of the value of offering logistics solutions adapted to new merchants, I embarked on the adventure. 2 clients trust me for their logistics (and transport) thanks to BUSYBEES.
I even use the BUSYBEES interface for occasional logistics operations with my clients, the reliability of the tool and the user-friendliness of the interface reassure them, as for me, it saves me a massive investment in a WMS. Numerous IT developments are underway, to improve our daily lives and optimize our productivity and that of our customers.

Head of Sales , Intel

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Logistics is simple. We provide you with tutorials, an easy-to-use application and we remain at your disposal if necessary.

We support you

The Guide for Bees explains the basics to manage your logistics microsite from home: storage, picking and transport.

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In the city center as in the countryside, for young people as for seniors, in addition to your activities or as a main activity, Busybees has been designed to be accessible to all.

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En fonction des Busy avec lesquels vous aurez choisi de travailler, soit un transporteur vient récupérer les colis chez vous, soit vous les déposez en point relais.

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Yann TANGUY , CEO of BUSYBEES presents you in a few points the advantages of joining our marketplace and becoming an order picker.

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