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Busybees is a platform for connecting e-merchants looking to outsource their logistics and professional logisticians.

Why is Busybees unique?

We do not reduce ourselves to a basic contact. Before finding the logistician made for you, we will study your needs and your strategy precisely using the form filled in by you which will allow the algorithms we have developed to determine your tailor-made price.

Then, we find you a logistician in our database who can meet your storage / transport needs while being within your budget.
Connecting your Shopify store to Busybees allows you:
Automatic recovery:
-products on your Shopify store
– shipping methods
– orders made by your customers.

Updating the status of orders when they are picked up and shipped by the Bee (including the tracking number)
🚨 To connect your Shopify account, register on our marketplace and follow these steps: Connect Shopify to Busybees in 3 steps
You pay no registration fees with Busybees.
Only the subscription to our IT (WMS: inventory and order management software) is chargeable and costs you € 30 * per month.
We don’t charge anything, you can do it from the Busybees app in just a few minutes.
To discover all the CMS compatible with Buysbees, go to the Integration page.
A WMS is an inventory and order management tool.
The features of our WMS are detailed on the WMS page.
2 possibilities ? If you are a customer with us, or if you are a partner logistician.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by email salesteam@busybees.world or in the Contact tab.

Questions ?

If you have any questions that are not in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our company has always been imbued with human, social and ecological values.

Today, thanks to Busybees, an e-merchant will be able to find the logistician best suited to his needs.

And this, whatever its order volume, its product category and its type of packaging.

Ready to reduce your logistics costs?

By outsourcing your outsourcing to experts, you eliminate additional fees and hidden costs so you can focus on the essentials.