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GEEV: the second life of products!

GEEV: the second life of products!

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At Busybees, we decided that we would talk about all the companies and projects that are close to our hearts, and we are therefore going to present to you today GEEV, a platform for the donation of objects and food between individuals and companies to individuals.

An old story

Geev is a project that does not date from yesterday, the team has been working on the project for 5 years already, and I was interested in it on a personal basis because having moved (and lost half of the furniture, of my fortune , my yacht, and my supercars), I had to buy something to furnish my small apartment (and not feed my daughters sitting on the floor). I was looking for the most ecological (and economical) solution to do it. Obviously, personal classifieds sites were my first instinct, but while wandering, I came across Geev, and I immediately joined! So I created my profile, and benefited from some donations (two shelves always proud in my living room, a sofa that I adore, and others that I forget). I was so enthusiastic about this project that I talked about it around me on the one hand, and I always kept the application with the idea of using it again and maybe, me too realize donations.

Recently, Geev opened up to food, and communicated about an ecommerce player who donated products on the app, and seeing that, I thought we could do something together. This is how I contacted Hakim Baka, CEO of Geev, first of all to discuss and show him all the respect I have for this project, but also to discuss the potential synergies that we could put in place. square.

Let's be smart!

Because yes, when we work in logistics and e-commerce, there may be products that are no longer for sale that remain stored on the right or left, customer returns that are no longer salable but still quite usable or repairable (a t-shirt with a small hole, we don't sell it, but we can sew it up!), and what sometimes happens is that we simply don't take care of these products, they are forgotten, and one day or another, they may end up in a trash can rather than have had an alternate life. Our biggest competitor in the world (not to mention Amazon) even pushes cynicism to the point of offering / forcing its customers to destroy products that have been in stock for too long!

One of our commitments is to ensure that there is no destruction of products, unless it is impossible to do otherwise. This is why we decided to talk about Geev to our Busy and Bees / Superbees, to give a potential second life to these forgotten products, and now to you as a reader too! And we found listening ears, the rest of this story, I leave the writing to the Geev team!

A question of ethics and image

Whether you are an individual, a baker, or a business, there is more to gain by giving than by throwing away (start the adventure now ). We regularly discuss issues of corporate image, and the adequacy of all links in the logistics chain with this image, this positioning, and what we systematically advise you is to communicate your choices, to promote them to your customers because that's what builds your image. The fact of promoting unsold or unsaleable products is an extremely positive element to highlight, and this is part of the CSR initiatives that more and more of us are carrying. There is a good chance that your customers are sensitive to it, that they favor your offer rather than that of your direct competitor perhaps on this only argument, that they want to share the post that you will have made compared to This, quite simply because at that time you will be an example, and you will help to change mentalities.

For our part, we will continue to talk about it with our interlocutors, because donation, reuse, repair, are real ecological levers, and we defend the idea that these perspectives must be integrated into the logic of all companies.

Far beyond the positive impact that this type of communication could have on your turnover, what is most important is to be exemplary.

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GEEV: the second life of products!

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