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Access to the largest network of logisticians

Our marketplace brings together a large network of professional logisticians, all over France. To access it, nothing could be simpler! Create your ad on our marketplace and fill in your logistical needs and our algorithm calculates for you the tailor-made price of your service.

You can then select one of the logisticians from our marketplace. Join us soon!

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Don't waste any more time on your order shipments

One tool to manage and automate all your shipping needs, Busybees’ WMS.

Compare shipping quotes, choose the shipping method that’s right for you, schedule pickup days, and monitor your profits with our intuitive shipping software.

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Take control of your logistics

Busybees is perfectly integrated with the main eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. You can manage all of your shipments without having to write a single line of code.

You can connect your Shopify and Woocommerce store to our WMS quickly. Integration can also be done by importing files and FTP.

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Improve your customers' experience and increase your sales

Make your customers happy with a simple delivery experience. The first strategy of the e-merchant is to improve the user experience and maintain consistency between your offer and your commitments to your customers.

What makes Busybees attractive to e-commerce is that we provide them with IT tools providing them with real logistics expertise and immediate pricing of their needs.

The Logistics Solution Made
For Your Business

Nous aidons tous les eCommercants, du plus petit au plus gros, à gérer leur externalisation logistique. Our offer is simple, economical and comprehensive.

Busybees is the logistics partner for e-merchants in France and internationally.

Thanks to our logistics expertise, we support all eCommerce, whatever your order volume and your needs, one of the logisticians in our marketplace will be able to answer them.

Do you have specific fulfillment systems and needs?

Our intuitive API allows you to manage your flows within your own system. Learn more about our integrations.

Thanks to Busybees, the Bee or the SuperBee will be able to optimize and make profitable its storage area and have access to hundreds of customers looking for a logistics solution. But not only !

  • All storage areas are accepted
  • La rémunération est libre
  • All logistical capacities are accepted
  • The clientele is national and international
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Tell us about your project!

By outsourcing your outsourcing to experts, you eliminate additional overheads and hidden costs so you can focus on your core business.

We support you

Our experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.  We define with you the logistics strategy adapted to your activity, to the customer experience that you offer.

Take advantage of our advice

We continue to advise you to optimize the services in relation to your objectives. We support you in your development by always guaranteeing you to benefit from the best solution.

Become an Expert

We define with you the logistics strategy adapted to your activity, to the customer experience that you offer. C’est vous qui définissez vos grilles tarifaires. Thanks to our algorithms, you can define the types of order that correspond to your activity, and thus control logistics costs even before the services are performed.