Busybees: the start-up that simplifies e-commerce logistics

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Interview with Arnaud Duloisy, co-founder of Busybees, specialist in e-commerce logistics.

Busybees is a platform for connecting e-merchants and logisticians. We provide all e-commerce companies with access to a simple, flexible and affordable logistics outsourcing solution.

It was therefore to present Busybees’ innovation in more detail that Arnaud Duloisy answered questions from Voxlog , media specializing in logistics.

During this interview, various subjects were discussed, in particular on the services offered by a start-up such as Busybees in the French logistics ecosystem.

Today, thanks to Busybees, an e-merchant will be able to find the logistician best suited to his needs. And this, whatever its order volume, its product category and its type of packaging.

It is also possible to simply connect your Shopify or Woocommerce e-commerce store to our inventory and order management software. This software allows you to import all the products from a store directly into our software and therefore automate the entire logistics process with one click.

We provide a simple and efficient WMS for monitoring flows and stocks, as well as connectors for Shopify and Woocommerce stores.

Voxlog | Busybees simplifie la relation entre e-commerçants et logisticiens |20.10.2020

E-merchants are not the only winners. All logisticians who have available space can join our network of logistics partners and benefit from access to an international clientele. 

If you are a logistician, you can join our platform by following this  link .

We provide e-merchants with IT tools providing them with real logistics expertise and immediate pricing of their needs.

Voxlog | Busybees simplifie la relation entre e-commerçants et logisticiens |20.10.2020

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